JCDBTools is a web-based toolkit, which can help the molecular biologists to more efficiently use JCDB. Now JCDBTools have provided three tools of retrieving sequence (Sequence Retrieving), converting ID (ID Conversion), constructing network (Network Construction) and extracting neighbor genes of sub-network (Neighbor Gene Extraction) and.

Sequence Retrieving
ID Conversion
input a list of ID(s)

JCDB to others or others to JCDB

convert to
input a list of ID(s)
input a list of Samples

You can input the genes and samples you are interested in, and this tool generates a clustered heatmap map. Select the sample to view the sample description in the help page. The generated image is in SVG format, which can be enlarged in the browser.

Network Construction
input a list of JCDB ID(s)
network types

Users can zoom in and out of the network map, and click on the node to access the details of the gene. Click and drag the mouse to move node.

Neighbor Gene Extraction
input a list of JCDB ID(s)

network types

neighbors sorted by interaction borders with this sub-network